Laura May Wilson

I am so thrilled to include Laura Wilson in our Thoughtfully Considered journal series. Laura is the owner of The Dundonald, a gorgeous Guesthouse & Cottage east of Edinburgh in the Scottish village of Culross.

I was instantly drawn to her cozy and classic style, which seeps through her outfits, interiors and travel photos. Considering my affinity for quaint villages in the UK, it's no wonder I am completely inspired by Laura and the beauty she creates.

What does this season of life look like for you? Describe a typical day/week?

Summer is our busy season here at The Dundonald. A typical day stars early with coffee and a walk around the village, then it's on to preparing breakfast for our guests, followed by cleaning and preparing for more guests arriving! We typically have check in’s most days, welcoming guests from all over the world. The days are busy and long but I can honestly say this is the best job I have ever had. 

Tell us about what led you to open your beautiful guesthouse & cottage.  

After 10 years of living in Ontario we decided to return home to Scotland in 2020. This was the catalyst for a change in lifestyle and to follow my true purpose of creating our own beautiful space to share with guests and spend my days doing the things I love and meeting wonderful people.

What's something you have been learning lately?

I have been learning to try and prioritize my own wellbeing and make it part of my daily routine.  Spending time outside each day, yoga, and drinking more water are simple things to do but when you are in the craziness of starting your own business they tend to fall by the wayside as everything else takes over.

Can you share about your upbringing? What experiences have most led to who you are today? 

I was born into world of strong women with a love of fashion and interiors as well as a can do attitude to really make the best of everything.

My two grannies, my mum and her four sisters, have 100% influenced me and how I choose to live my life. True homemakers in every sense of the word. Always decorating, up cycling, cleaning, gardening, raising families and hosting.

Never without their lipstick or a little neck scarf to accessorize their outfit. An inspiration, still.

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Where do you find inspiration?

Everywhere. I love nature and the changes in seasons, books, social media, travel, restaurants. Our guests inspire me every day, I love to hear about their lives, their travels, their families.  

Describe your "everyday-wear.”  

Easy to wear, comfortable, loose fitting dresses and separates in natural fabrics that I can mix and match and are machine washable. I love an elasticated waist and anything with pockets.

Flat shoes, always, current favourites are Mary Janes by Vibi Venezia.

A recent place you visited and what you loved about it.  

Last year we visited Provence to celebrate a special anniversary. It was even more beautiful in the flesh. It was all of the things you can’t capture in a photograph, the sounds, the smells, the slow pace of life, the simplicity of the food, (I could seriously live on cheese, wine and French bread!)

I came home inspired by every single part of it.

What is the last thing you tried for the first time?

Last year I tried my first pottery class and I absolutely loved it. I found the concentration of learning something new and using your hands the perfect way to disconnect from the busyness that usually takes over.

How would you choose to spend alone time when you get it? 

I’m not gonna lie, I love a nap! Or sitting in the garden with a cuppa and the sun on my face, bliss!

What are you passionate about?

Making spaces feel warm and welcoming. Bringing them to life for everyone to enjoy.  

Favourite place to escape to in nature when you want to take a breather or clear your mind? 

Anywhere by the water/coast, I find it so calming to be beside the seaside. Our region, Fife, has one of the most picturesque coastal paths & I always feel refreshed after a visit. 

Laura wears the Aya Tee, Luca Trousers, Adrie Skirt, Bret Top and Mabel Cardigan.
All photographs by Matt Butter.