Thoughtfully Considered: Sophie Lynge

Thoughtfully Considered: Sophie Lynge

Sophie Lynge is a Canadian jewelry designer and owner of the brand Lisbeth Jewelry. She lives in Toronto with her husband, two sweet boys, and pup Charlie. She is incredibly talented, creative and a major inspiration to me. 

You need to follow her on instagram - she is one of my favourites, and I adore how she captures bits of her life as a mother and small business owner, and all in the most beautiful neutral tones! 

Sophie and I first connected when we were pregnant with our oldest boys. She was just a few weeks further along than me and it was wonderful to have someone in such a similar stage as me to chat to. I have loved watching her motherhood journey, as well as how she has managed to continue growing her business while still prioritizing being present with her family.

What does this season of life look like for you? Describe a typical day/week? 

This season of life is truly busy but also incredibly wonderful. My typical week is a fine art of balancing work and home life. Monday- Thursday (Friday is my day with Grey), I wake up, get ready and jump straight into getting the boys ready for school. Cody does the morning drop off and I usually spend 20min before I start my work day with my cup of coffee and either journal, putter in the garden or catch up on emails. This is really my only 'me' time and I savour every moment. Then it's straight into work until I pick the boys up from school at 3pm.

My work day doesn't officially end at 3pm but once I am home with them, I am multitasking between mom and business owner. Making snacks, sending emails, etc. We have dinner every evening together as a family- this is so important for us and is a really special way to end our day. After dinner, it's a bit of play and then bedtime for the boys. Once they are asleep, I either work for a couple of hours, head out into the garden or catch up on housework and then try to end my day with an evening walk by myself. It's such a nice way to think, unwind and get mentally organized for the day ahead.

We are usually in bed by 9pm and either watch a show or read. My dream bed time is 10pm but honestly, it's usually 11pm. On the weekend we have one day at home or close to home and then one day of adventure. And then the whole thing starts all over again!

What's something you have been learning lately? 

Practically, photography. Philosophically; that if something isn't working creatively don't force it, let it go without disappointment and pick it up later. That has taken me a long time to accept and learn.

Last song you sang along to?

Future Islands- Seasons (Waiting on You)

Three things about you that most people don't know. 

Oh gosh- I used to be a pretty committed raver, I got my degree in Religious Studies at UBC and Im a vegetarian.

Tell us about the story behind Lisbeth. What led you to start your own brand and what continues to inspire you about it?

Lisbeth was born out of a hobby. I have always been a creative person, a maker, it's something that has always brought me so much joy and satisfaction. Around the time I started Lisbeth I was really big into sewing and making my own clothes. I was in university and working part time at an amazing store in Gastown called One of a Few and if you can believe it, we had a difficult time finding local jewelry brands and I thought to myself, I could do that! I started playing around and completely fell in love it. I just totally committed to it and then it slowing and very organically turned into a business.

What inspires me today is the same feeling that inspired me so many years ago- creating a design, executing it and then having a tangible product that you can wear and that you truly love. I am inspired by vintage jewelry and design and am constantly asking myself, what do I want to wear? How do I want to feel? But it's really the process that inspires me most.

Is there something you tend to collect? (In your home, in your wardrobe, in life)

I collect vintage objects kind of constantly. And vintage jackets.

Describe your "everyday-wear." Do you have a wardrobe workhorse or staple piece? 

My every day wear is very classic and minimal. I basically live intentionally in a few uniforms but mostly you will find me in good pair of shoes (usually loafers), denim or trousers, a tee or button up and a great jacket and then I mix up the looks with my jewelry depending on my desired look, mood or occasion. I'm really all about the finishing details.

A creative passion that you would love to pursue one day?

Photography and painting.

Something you "swear by" or recommend frequently?

Buy less, buy better.

How would you choose to spend alone time if/when you get it? 

Oh gosh, that is so rare these days but if I had some time alone, I would definitely either be painting or gardening or going for a long walk and touring all my favourite vintage stores.

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about so many things and before I had children, I had the time to put more energy into them but now that I am a mother, I am most passionate about giving my boys the most wonderful childhood possible and raising really kind and thoughtful human beings that care about world and the environment.
Sophie wears the Amelia dress in embroidered cotton, the Rae pullover in ivory and the Finley pant in salt. 
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