Hannah Cousins

Hannah Cousins is a wonderful printmaker based in London. Her and I connected years ago through instagram and I have always been inspired by her work and style.

Her husband Luke is a talented singer-songwriter, and they recently moved back to London after spending a few years living in California. They are welcoming their first child in the coming months.

We got to take a peek into her beautiful home, and learn more about what this season of life looks like for Hannah.

Beautifully captured on film by Nat Michelle.

Tell us a little about yourself. How did you fall into a career in printmaking?

I’m a printmaker based in London, UK. I began printing while I was at university here in London, studying illustration, and it quickly became my go-to medium. I was so drawn to the character and texture of relief printing and the way of working really suited my personality. 

What are you currently being inspired by?

I’m currently working on a small book of linocuts of The Sea Ranch, in Northern California, a place that has been inspiring me for a number of years. It’s such a unique and remarkable part of the world; the environment has been considered in all aspects of its design and the central philosophy of living lightly on the land feels as important now as ever. 

Best coffee shop in your neighbourhood?

Lodestar Coffee! Their coffee is the best and the owner is really sweet and alway remembers everyone. It’s right by the park so it’s often our first port of call when we walk the dog in the morning. 

You lived in California for a few years and have recently returned to London. Has it felt effortless to move back home or has it been more of an adjustment?

It’s been a lot harder than I anticipated. I love London and really enjoy life here but even after a year, there’s so much about California that I miss and still long for. 

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Your husband also has a creative career. Do you both try to work similar hours so that you can spend time together or how do you coordinate your schedules?

Until recently, Luke had a home-studio so we were around one another all the time and were quite involved in each others creative processes. It was really wonderful and fulfilling in many ways but there wasn’t much structure or balance. Now that his music studio is away from home, we’ve fallen into more of a conventional routine and try to work similar hours. I’m such a homebody and cherish my time working quietly in my own space. 

You recently shared the wonderful news that you are expecting a baby! How has this new season been for you? 

I’m so grateful to be on this journey! We struggled with fertility issues for a long time and they were the hardest and saddest years of my life. So when I finally became pregnant, it was such a lovely and exciting moment but I found it hard to allow myself to believe it was true and hid it for a long time.

I had no idea pregnancy would be so emotionally complicated and confusing! Now that those early feelings of disbelief have quietened and I’ve (mostly!) accepted that my body is changing rapidly, excitement has taken over and I can’t wait for our next chapter. 

Favourite spot in your house to enjoy a warm drink and a good book?

In winter, I will happily sit in bed reading and drinking coffee for hours! In the summer I love spending time in our garden reading under the huge chestnut tree. 

Last place you travelled to, and a piece of inspiration you took away from it? 

We just got back from Mallorca, which I was completely enamoured by! I couldn’t believe how tranquil and unspoilt it felt. The turquoise water, dry, pale plant-life and painted green shutters really spoke to me. 

Any foods that you are currently fixating on?

With the arrival of spring comes the reopening of Towpath Cafe, a seasonal cafe on Regents Canal in Hackney. I fixate on ALL of their food and could eat there over and over. I am truly obsessed. 

Do you have a go to "uniform" or outfit combination that makes you feel like yourself?

My daily uniform is generally some sort of linen shirt and high-waist trouser combination (basically anything that looks/feels like pyjamas!) but since being pregnant I’ve embraced dresses and overalls, often with a sweater thrown over the top because spring can be pretty chilly here.