Gillian Stevens is a womenswear collection of easy to wear, classic designs made with quality sustainable fabrics.

Thoughtfulness is core to everything we do, from sourcing high quality organic, natural and recycled textiles to partnering with like-minded individuals who share our values of sustainability and ethical practices. Each piece of clothing carries with it the stories of those involved in bring it to being, and those stories intertwined with our own are what makes our clothing meaningful. 

Our designs and collections are timeless, made to last and to be cared for, so that they become treasured pieces in your wardrobe for many years to come. 

Founders Story

Founders Story

Gillian has always been inspired by the way that clothing fits into our lives; The meaning that an item can hold by the way it serves us, is a source of comfort, and how it connects us to special memories and people we love.

Gillian is passionate about creating simple and well made clothing for everyday living. The brand started out of a desire to fill the gaps in her wardrobe: versatile items that fit comfortably and adapt to the changing roles that she plays in her day.

Born and raised in Vancouver, and residing there with her husband and two boys, Gillian is proud to have a Canadian-designed collection and to be a Canadian designer.

The focus of the collections will always be classic pieces that can be worn as elevated, everyday clothing - always made ethically and sustainably.

photo by rebecca siewert

Our Process

Sustainability, Ethical Practices & Materials



Our thoughtful approach means that every aspect of production is considered. The origin of our fibres, the manufacturing process, the trims, labels and the packaging that we use, are all carefully chosen.

We are passionate about making intentional choices as we seek to reduce waste and find better practices that help make a positive ecological impact.

By designing timeless and made to last garments, we hope that our pieces can be worn and loved, cared for, mended when necessary to last for many years.

Ethical Practices

We are a slow fashion brand. We believe that by slowing down production times, designing thoughtful, small batch collections, and creating long lasting relationships with our partners, that we can help make a positive impact and play a small role in changing the fashion industry for the better.

Our linen is handmade in a small, family-owned factory in Europe, where they specialize in linen production. The lovely team of sewers put so much care and attention into every stitch, making each piece feel truly special to wear.

Our knitwear is handcrafted in Peru by an ethical and fair trade, woman-run company. They employ highly skilled artisan groups which empower women to generate income and economic independence while working from or near home.
Their handloom and hand weaving Artisans maintain traditional production methods and artistry that has been handed down for generations.

Our Canadian-made collection is hand sewn by a talented local seamstress in Vancouver.

Our Materials

Our Materials

We have chosen to work with primarily natural fibres which are biodegradable and more environmentally friendly to produce. 

Linen is considered to be the oldest fabric in the world. It is naturally antibacterial and extremely durable, about 2-3 times stronger than cotton. It is machine washable, dries quickly, and gets stronger with wear which results in a long lasting garment.

Linen has a naturally low environmental impact. The production process requires significantly less water than cotton, and almost all of the flax plant can be used which means there is very little waste of the plant. 

Our linen is from Lithuania, and is Standard 100 OEKO-TEX® certified.

All our organic cotton is GOTS certified. This certification guarantees the traceability of the organic cotton, as well as the standard of fair treatment to every person involved in the supply chain. Organic cotton is produced in land free of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and defoliants; being different from conventional cotton. The organic standards do not allow the use of GMOS.

All of our cotton is sustainably sourced and is ether Standard 100 OEKO-TEK® certified or Better Cotton (BCI) compliant.

Our Alpaca and Wool yarns are spun by farmers in Peru that are committed to sustainability, as well as a deep connection to their local communities. The farmers are also committed to the fair treatment of the animals and the alpaca and wool yarns are cruelty free.

Alpaca is warmer, stronger, lighter and softer than materials such as cashmere and merino wool. It is known for its luxurious fleece and versatility: it won’t shrink or pill if given correct care, it is hyper allergenic and has water resistant properties.

By buying an alpaca product, you are directly contributing to the livelihood to the people who depend on exporting this wonderful fibre to survive.

Andean Wool
Our wool comes from sheep in the Andean Highlands. It's incredibly soft (the softest we've ever felt!) and there are many beautiful natural colours. All the yarns we use are not processed or dyed before being spun and knit into sweaters in our partner workshop in Peru.