Thoughtfully Considered

Welcome to our journal series entitled, 'Thoughtfully Considered.' This series shares a little peek into the lives of inspiring women who embody what it looks like to live lives of thoughtfulness, as it pertains to their careers, homes, families, and passions.

Danielle Cyr

I think there’s something so powerful about how our environment can shape and inform how we feel and perhaps that’s a part of what I’m trying to accomplish through our homewares business, JUNE. Behind the curation of beautiful home goods is really a deep desire to help others nurture a connection to moments rather than things, to foster a‘feeling’ of home rather than a ‘style’ of home-like how a beautiful wooden dish brush can accompany a contemplative, quiet moment at the kitchen sink or how a linen tablecloth can serve as a backdrop to a shared meal with loved ones.

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  • Fanny Olsthoorn

    In all aspects of  my life, I seek for the elimination of excess, to create serenity. It’s about calming down and  being able to focus on the essentials.

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  • Sophie Lynge

    I am most passionate about giving my boys the most wonderful childhood possible and raising really kind and thoughtful human beings that care about world and the environment.

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  • Deb Barnes

    I have been a hippy, a biker, a partier, entrepreneur and am now a senior still working. I’ve been a tour guide, vacuum cleaner salesman, parking patrol officer, private eye, animal photographer, actor and casting director, and always an explorer of the mind.
    No job or part of my life has ever truly defined me.

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